America, It’s Time to Vote! From Mopping the Floors to Feeding Their Roommates to Dressing up Their Pets, Finalists in the Apartments.com Roommate of the Year Contest Have Been Selected

July 14, 2009

CHICAGO, July 14 /PRNewswire/ — Apartments.com today unveiled 12 exceptional roommates who have been chosen as finalists in the national “Apartments.com Roommate of the Year Contest.” Now, it’s time for America to weigh in as Apartments.com invites the public to cast their vote for their favorite roommate at http://www.roommateoftheyear.com. The voting stage is open now through August 2, 2009 when the votes will be tabulated, determining five fabulous roomies–one from each contest category–who will go on to compete for the grand prize of free rent for one year, up to $12,000, plus $10,000 in cash and the coveted title of “Roommate of the Year.” The finalists’ videos were judged with equal weight on originality and creativity, overall “wow” factor, persuasive argument and style and production.

“In today’s economy, a prize package that pays your rent for a year and kicks in an additional 10 grand is a pretty nice windfall for a renter to receive for demonstrating fantastic feats of roommate greatness,” said Tammy Kotula, public relations and promotions manager, Apartments.com.

The size of the prize and economic factors are two reasons that the Apartments.com “Roommate of the Year Contest” has struck such a chord among contest entrants, enticing roomies from around the country to sing, rap, riff and wax rhapsodic about their individual qualities of roommate excellence in videos that range from the poetic to the well, you’ll just have to view them for yourself and vote!

“At this point, we’re looking for America to tell us who they think should be crowned ‘Roommate of the Year.’ With a $22,000 grand prize at stake, you can bet our finalists are going to be out there drumming up support for their video,” Kotula continues. “We were overwhelmed by the creativity, time and energy entrants put into their videos submissions. From what we have seen, there are a lot of great roommates out there!”

The public can view videos and vote for their favorite roommate now through August 2, 2009 at www.roommateoftheyear.com. Visitors to the Web site can vote for their favorite video in each category once a day every day until the end of the voting stage. Upon conclusion of the public voting stage, one winner from each contest category will be determined–by a combination of public vote (60%) and a third-party judging panel (40%)–and five lucky roomies will compete for the ultimate bailout plan of $22,000 and roommate bragging rights.

Meet the 2009 Apartment.com Roommate of the Year Finalists:

One finalist from each category will move on to compete for the ultimate bailout package of $22,000. The finalists in each “Roommate of the Year” category are:

The Lovable Compulsive Category

These roomies cook, clean and pay the bills on time to ensure the apartment is always in order.

Jason of All Trades – What does it take to be the ultimate Apartments.com “Roommate of the Year?” Royal Oak, MI’s Jason thinks he’s got the goods! Watch Jason’s B&W roommate tale and see if it paints a Technicolor picture of perfection for you. Vote today! Submitted by Jason DeSousa of Royal Oak, MI.

Fairytale – Watch as Kyle Griffin shows why he is the Apartments.com “Roommate of the Year” in the greatest story ever told. A fantasy roommate, Kyle takes care of it all, even the boogie man, and still manages to master waffles in the morning. Is he “Roommate of the Year?” Log on and see for yourself and vote! Music: Kevin MacLeod. Submitted by Kyle Griffin of Philadelphia, PA.

1st Rate Rhythmic Roommate – With rhythm and rhyme, Keaton can do it all, making any apartment an awesome place to share. Will he “sweep” the category? Only you can decide…log on and hear how a salt shaker and a simple set of pots and pans can make beautiful music when Keaton sets his “Roommate of the Year” talents to them. Submitted by Keaton Davis of Hockessin, DE.

The Superhero Category

This category is for roomies that possess unique skills making their roommate value soar!

Super RoomieSuper Roomie is the ultimate roommate solving any problem that may arise. When something is missing or needed, his roommates simply summon him by uttering “Roomie, Roomie, Roomie” and there he is, in a surprisingly fetching get-up. You have to see it to believe it…and let your vote decide if Super Roomie gets the prize. Submitted by William Theis of Lakewood, OH.

American Superhero – Tina is a Super girl! She is a great cook, helps with paying the bills, and protects her friends/roommates with her life. Walking the streets of Berkeley, CA, Tina comes to the rescue making sure her friends are well tended to and taking super care to make them happy, safe and feel well-loved. Is Tina the Superhero Roommate winner? Only you can decide…log on and cast your vote! Submitted by Tina Quach of Berkeley, CA.

The Purr-fect Pet Owner Category

These roomies make their four-legged cohabiters feel right at home by being a best roommate-and friend-to their pets.

Jen and Harvey 4eva – Two ladies trying to make it in LA. Living together while not always in luxury, at least always in harmony. This moving story gives you a glimpse into the daily life of two inseparable friends, who share with you the power of their friendship. Log on, watch and vote. Submitted by Jennifer Cady of Los Angeles, CA.

Parker and Me – Erica and Parker are self-identified Best. Roommates. Ever. End of story. And, here is their video. They do everything together including dressing alike, even going for a swim. See how they do it and vote! Submitted by Erica Gerdes of Chicago, IL.

The Coolest Crib Category

These roomies enjoy the high life and come with a roommate-ready apartment furnished with the coolest stuff.

The VERY Odd Couple – Hijinks ensue as the ever-patient Rodney makes his case for roommate royalty. Living in the coolest pad in the hippest NY neighborhood, where falafel and 99 cent medicated heat rub are just steps away, Rodney and his despondent roommate make the case for “Roommate of the Year” in a most interesting way…watch and vote! Submitted by Rodney Calhoun of Brooklyn, NY.

No More Nightmares – Finding a cool place and clean roomies can sometimes be a nightmare. You never know what you’ll run into, until you move in together! But, when you have the world’s coolest crib, you can live NICE! That’s how Martin figures he’s got this year’s Coolest Crib category all sewn up. See for yourself and vote. Submitted by Martin Rosa of Canal Winchester, OH.

The Individualist Category

These roomies are the all-around “great guy or gal” who can squeeze every ounce of creativity and originality into an entry to make it stand out from the rest.

The Great One – A brief look back at the struggle of one man to acquire the skills that would make him the greatest roommate in the world. This retrospective of Joel’s life takes us from his early days as a roommate, where he moved in “with a married couple” (his parents!) up to his present day roommate experiences, all the while extolling his acts of roommate greatness, complete with surprising guest interviews and cameo appearances. Watch, learn and vote! Submitted by Joel McDonald of Irving, TX.

Roommate of the Year Official Music Video – This original song, “Roommate of the Year” was written, produced, and directed by Kevin Adams. Keep your fingers crossed, because he just may be coming to an apartment near you and could possibly be…your very own “Roommate of the Year!” Take a listen, log on and vote. Submitted by Kevin Adams of Columbus, OH.

The Perfect Roommate – As a recent college graduate, Keith is a self-proclaimed very well rounded, nice guy, and has submitted this video to reflect a lot about him-even in the carpet floor! Check out all of Keith’s roommate attributes and cast your vote. Submitted by Keith Habersberger of Chicago, IL.

To view the finalist videos and cast a vote for the Apartments.com “Roommate of the Year Contest,” visit www.roommateoftheyear.com.

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