July 15, 2009

Vatican gives ‘Potter’ flick its blessing

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, the sixth installment in the magic-themed movie franchise, has earned a glowing review from the Vatican's newspaper.

L'Osservatore Romano published a critique Tuesday praising the filmmakers for drawing a clear line of demarcation between good and evil, making clear that good is right, and that in some cases this involves hard work and sacrifices, The Times of London reported.

The L'Osservatore reviewer also said the movie promotes the values of friendship, altruism and loyalty and makes clear the search for immortality epitomized by Lord Voldemort was wrong. The critic said the filmmakers struck the right balance in their treatment of teenage romance with the former child characters credibly growing from adolescents into adults, as well.

The Times said the Vatican publication's current opinion bears enormous contrast to the newspaper's previous reviews of Potter offerings, which admitted the stories had narrative value, but claimed they cast witchcraft and the occult in a positive light, and promoted the wrong kind of hero.