July 16, 2009

Prosecutor resigns after Jackson interview

A veteran Los Angeles County prosecutor has resigned after discussing on television a possible legal case stemming from Michael Jackson's death.

Robin Sax Katzenstein -- who was on leave from the district attorney's sex crimes division to promote her new book -- quit her post after catching heat from her superiors about her appearance last week as a panelist on a Larry King Live segment about the Jackson case, The Los Angeles Times said.

Prosecutors are barred from talking about cases that could come before the district attorney and the investigation into Jackson's death could eventually lead to a criminal case handled by the office, the Times said.

Well, I think there are difficulties in this case. ... First of all, there are so many doctors in Michael Jackson's life, so many different people, the newspaper quoted Katzenstein as saying on Larry King. Who do you blame? Which doctor, which prescription, which drug was the lethal drug? Was it the combination of the drugs? Was it the reaction of different types of drugs?

Asked what charges could potentially be brought in the Jackson case, Katzenstein replied, This would be an involuntary manslaughter type of case.

Katzenstein told the Times she felt free to offer her opinion because she thought federal and state authorities were handling the investigation.

The concern of the district attorney's office is that whenever I speak I'm speaking on behalf of the district attorney's office, Katzenstein said. Should I have known better? Probably. I shouldn't have said anything. They told me they weren't happy.

She went on to say she thinks leaving her job now is a good decision.

I wanted to go and it was time and I am leaving on good terms, she said.