July 16, 2009

Nurse recalls ’84 Jacko burn incident

A nurse who treated Michael Jackson for burns he sustained when his hair caught on fire in 1984 recalls the U.S. singer as nervous, but pleasant.

Jackson died last month of cardiac arrest after a suspected prescription drug overdose. He was 50.

His death has sparked a flood of media reports intended to offer a glimpse into the reclusive and eccentric singer's life. Wednesday posted a video clip showing Jackson being burned in a pyrotechnic accident while shooting a Pepsi commercial.

Nurse Cathy McGrath spoke with TV's Inside Edition about her contact with the pop icon immediately after the harrowing incident.

He had the dressing on his head. He was covered with a blanket. He was pretty shaken up, McGrath told the program. He had a pretty good-sized burn on his head"¦ second- and third-degree burns"¦ He was nervous when he first came in, but ultimately he was very pleasant"¦ very soft-spoken.

McGrath also said Jackson had previously visited burn victims at the same burn center where he was eventually treated.