Vubiq Announces Availability of Low Cost 60 GHz Waveguide Radio Modules

July 16, 2009

ALISO VIEJO, Calif., July 16 /PRNewswire/ — Vubiq, Inc. (http://www.vubiq.com) today announced the commercial availability of its 60 GHz waveguide modules enabling low cost, extremely high speed applications utilizing the globally unlicensed 60 GHz spectrum. Designed with a standard WR-15 (UG-385/U) interface, Vubiq’s modules can be attached to any waveguide component, allowing companies and developers to leverage the power, speed, and cost-effectiveness of the 60 GHz band with their own system configurations. “Until now, 60 GHz development has been severely constrained by the high cost of the radios, which typically utilize Gallium Arsenide or Indium Phosphide semiconductors. Vubiq’s waveguide modules use Silicon Germanium-based radios, allowing us to offer them at a fraction of the price of GaAs and InP,” stated Adam Button, Vubiq’s CEO. “Given this huge cost advantage, a host of markets can now capitalize on the massive bandwidth available in the spectrum. We are now speaking with customers in telecommunications distribution, telecommunications backhaul, point-to-point data communications, and uncompressed high definition video transmission, just to name a few.”

Vubiq’s waveguide modules complement its other millimeter wave product offerings, which include 60 GHz micromodules featuring a built-in antenna for short range applications, and the VL300 video link, which is capable of transmitting pure, uncompressed HD video hundreds of meters.

“Current 60 GHz waveguide offerings use technologies that were designed for aerospace – with the associated cost, power and size preventing any meaningful penetration into commercial markets,” noted Mike Pettus, CTO of Vubiq. “Our focus is in bringing millimeter wave to volume applications; by utilizing a combination of silicon-based radios along with our proprietary packaging technologies, we have developed a product that can compete head to head with anything out there on performance, but at a fraction of the cost.”

Vubiq is now accepting orders for its waveguide modules, as well as a complete waveguide development system that allows for easy setup and operation. More information can be obtained at www.vubiq.com.

About Vubiq

Located in Southern California, Vubiq develops practical, cost-effective millimeter wave solutions for communications and radar applications. Combining expertise in wireless systems, digital signal processing, DFM, and packaging and antenna design, Vubiq has firmly established its leadership position in millimeter wave development. Vubiq is a privately-held corporation backed by funding from a Fortune 20 company.

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