July 17, 2009

Timberlake’s golf course set to open

The Tennessee golf course singer Justin Timberlake bought and paid $16 million to renovate is ready to re-open, a course official says.

Formerly known as the Big Creek Golf Course in Woodstock, Mirimichi is expected to be back in business July 25 after a complete course redesign, the Memphis Commercial Appeal reported.

I really think golfers are excited because the course is really going to be a world-class experience, Mirimichi's director of golf, Greg King, told the newspaper, adding he is eager to see what Timberlake thinks about the finished product.

Justin was last out early in the spring and he got the opportunity to play just a few holes that were available, King said. We are anxious to see his impression of what has been created now.

Mirimichi's 43,000-square-foot club house is targeted to open in 2011, the Appeal said.