July 18, 2009

Cronkite to be remembered in TV special

CBS News says it will honor the late anchorman Walter Cronkite with a primetime special entitled That's The Way it Was: Remembering Walter Cronkite.

The CBS division said Sunday night's honorary special to Cronkite, who died Friday at the age of 92, will feature top political and entertainment figures sharing their memories of the former CBS Evening News anchorman.

Among those sharing remembrances on the program are President Barack Obama, former CBS Evening News anchor Katie Couric and actor George Clooney.

He brought us all those stories large and small which would come to define the 20th century, Obama said of Cronkite. That's why we love Walter, because in an era before blogs and e-mail, cell phones and cable, he was the news.

There is something that is so quintessentially American about Walter Cronkite, Couric offered, his honesty and candor in difficult times"¦ if someone has integrity, to me, that is the finest attribute they can have.

His legacy will be one of the great legacies of great Americans. It sounds overstated, but it isn't. He's that important to us, Clooney said of the famed newscaster.