July 18, 2009

Spider-man won’t sing in new musical

U.S. theater director Julie Taymor says Spider-man will not be singing in costume in the forthcoming Broadway production Spider-man: Turn Off the Dark.

Taymor said while Spider-man's alter-ego, Peter Parker, will offer up a song or two in the Broadway musical, which will feature music from U2 rockers Bono and the Edge, the tights-wearing superhero will stick to flying about and fighting bad guys, Rolling Stone reported Friday.

Taymor said she prepared for the new stage production, which begins previews Feb. 25, by reading hundreds of comic books.

The director said the musical's sub-title came from Bono, lead singer of U2, who drew upon a childhood memory as inspiration.

It was a story that he heard about a child who would say to his daddy, he was sleeping, and instead of saying 'turn on the light,' he would say 'turn off the dark.' Taymor said.

Rolling Stone said Turn Off the Dark will feature Evan Rachel Wood as Parker's girlfriend, Mary Jane Watson. Alan Cumming will play Norman Osborn, the man who becomes the villain, the Green Goblin. The actor playing Spider-man has yet to be announced.