July 19, 2009

Ted Turner still active at age 70

U.S. media mogul Ted Turner, the creator of CNN, says he still leads an active lifestyle despite being a septuagenarian.

The former owner of the Atlanta Braves professional baseball team did admit that he has slowed down in his advanced age and become more reflective, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported Saturday.

I'm feeling my age a little bit, said Turner, 70. I can't do what I did when was 30 or 40. But I still ski and ride horseback. I do a lot of hiking. I stay in reasonable shape.

Turner offered the Journal-Constitution his personal takes on a number of issues, including marriage, death and his cable TV creation, CNN.

In a way (death) will be a relief. You don't have to wake up every day, said Turner, who once pledged to donate $1 billion to the United Nations.

I've tried (marriage). It's like baseball. Three strikes, and you're out, said Turner, whose third marriage to actress Jane Fonda ended in 2001.

(CNN) will be on in my hospital room when I die, Turner told the Journal-Constitution. That, or the Cartoon Network. Scooby-Doo has been very good to me.