July 19, 2009

Music diversity in Nashville questioned

Musicians and sociologists alike say Nashville's music scene does not venture far from its traditional country and Christian music roots.

Sociologist Daniel Silver of the University of Toronto says when compared with the music scenes of Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York and Portland, Ore., Nashville's music scene offers a far less diverse scope of offerings, The (Nashville) Tennessean reported Sunday.

R&B songwriter Shannon Sander said country music in particular remains a dominant force in the Nashville music world.

Country is so strong. Because country makes Nashville a home exclusively, it's almost a problem for everybody else, Sanders said.

You're going to always be a stepchild, he added regarding non-country music attempts in the Tennessee city.

Former Fleetwood Mac guitarist Rick Vito agreed any attempts to go outside the city's traditional musical focuses have been met with a lack of enthusiasm.

It's very much a songwriters town, but it seemed like if you weren't country, they weren't interested, he told The Tennessean.