July 20, 2009

Jon started dating after split with Kate

U.S. reality TV star Jon Gosselin didn't start dating his girlfriend Hailey Glassman until after his wife filed for divorce, a source told People magazine.

Gosselin, his soon-to-be-ex-wife and their eight kids star in TLC's Jon & Kate Plus 8.

A source told People that Glassman arrived at her parents' New York home May 4 and found family friend Jon Gosselin staying there because, although he had been estranged from his wife since late last year, they had not yet announced their plans to split and life at home was uncomfortable.

Jon was heartbroken, totally heartbroken. Kate told him to take a hike, the insider told the magazine, adding Gosselin and Glassman didn't start dating until after Kate filed for divorce June 20.

The source also denied reports Gosselin had an affair

with Deanna Hummer, a 23-year-old school teacher with whom he was photographed last spring.

Gosselin recently rented a Manhattan apartment and reportedly plans to divide his time between there and the Pennsylvania home where his eight kids still live with Kate.

The Gosselins have said they plan to continue working on the series, despite their own personal problems.