Video Dating: The Darling of Online Courtship…Sight and Sound Advance Internet Dating Sites

July 21, 2009

BANGOR, Maine, July 21 /PRNewswire/ — Many people today have met their
better halves online. Spawned from paper catalogs posted from across the
globe, the current framework of online dating is a very different animal when
one surveys the plethora of services offered on the internet and propelled by
aggressive marketers to every conceivable demographic and taste.

Untold thousands have wed through introductions via the basic, typical
online dating platform that has enamored millions of internet love crusaders.
However, as the world moves forward in this high speed virtual age, online
matchmakers and marriage brokers strive to keep pace and find more clever and
innovative uses for the myriad of today’s technological advances.

E-marketers since the dawn of virtual space have simply taken pictures,
text and contact information from print, and published it online with few
major enhancements. However, with the development of the video camera came
walk-in TV dating salons and their quick transplant to the net sphere
resulting in the birth of video dating.

Video dating is the newest hot trend in internet mate sourcing and takes
online romance to a whole new level. At first a collection, sometimes a
mind-boggling number of videos from individuals preening and plying
themselves in search of their perfect match, video dating has been thrust to
the forefront of virtual libidinous space with the advent of two way sight
and sound communication, and includes Video Chat (
sortBy=1), the offspring of the video conference.

Video dating is the next generation of web dating, following email
correspondence in a leap frog over a list of online dating services that
includes phone introductions and gift and flower delivery as vehicles by
which to reach out and better understand the person on the screen. Building
on an electronics system as old as television itself, video dating technology
is more cost effective and compact than the decades old TV dating parlor. The
technology and systems to produce and upload videos is today commonplace with
simplicity the keyword to even the uninitiated. Familiarity has bred
confidence in a population accustomed to seeing friends and family first in
home movies then on videotape, to exploring the dating world in two way
interactive online formats. Video accelerates the dating experience making it
faster to evaluate if a person is compatible or not. It’s a much more
effective and successful way to date online.

Not only domestic online dating sites have adapted the new format, but
international sites have flourished citing video dating as the phenomenon
that lights the donkey’s tail. AnastasiaDate.com, a premiere international
web dating portal that specializes in introducing Western men to available
women from Russia & CIS, says the sector is growing by leaps and bounds.
Anastasia, which sometimes uses translators to converse between her male
members in English, French or German, and Russian, has seen her video chat
business grow 300% from its inception in late 2008. Additionally, viewing of
her over 3000 individual videos of ladies from across Russia and CIS is up
more than tenfold since 2006 contributing significantly to Anastasia’s bottom

Video dating is undoubtedly at the forefront of the online rendezvous
sector with its true potential not yet realized.


Founded in 1993, Anastasia is the industry leading International
Introduction and Romance Tour Company specializing in connecting Western men
seeking romance with available Russian and CIS women. Anastasia has over 36
million online visitors yearly, with over 600,000 letters exchanged daily by
members on-site together with thousands of phone calls and video chat
sessions. Anastasia’s affiliate program incorporates over a thousand partner
dating agencies from most major cities of the former USSR.

To learn more about Anastasia International, please visit their
informative web site: http://www.anastasiadate.com.

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