New Self-help Guidebook Draws Inspiration from ‘Hamlet’

July 23, 2009

HIGHLAND PARK, Ill., July 23 /PRNewswire/ — In the new do-it-yourself life-coaching and personal development guide, “The Hamlet Secret: A Self-Directed (Shakespearean) Workbook for Living a Passionate, Joy-Filled Life” (published by AuthorHouse), author, former actor and director, performance breakthrough coach and entrepreneur James M. Lynch draws inspiration from “Hamlet,” one of Shakespeare’s most influential plays, to offer readers a guide to a deeper, more meaningful life.

Lynch revisits “Hamlet” and sheds new light on some of its most memorable lines. “The Hamlet Secret” highlights these lines’ possible meaning in readers’ lives and challenges readers to take on the lesson of the quotation with simple, accessible exercises. These exercises encourage readers to take on issues in real life, all while understanding that they are affecting their own life as an actor affects the world of the stage.

“The Hamlet Secret” unlocks the secrets to personal growth, revealing how to reinvest in your passion and rediscover your energy for life. With over 70 lessons and exercises, Lynch reveals a great deal of humor, personal anecdotes and an enlightening worldview. He writes:

Bernardo: Who’s there?

Francisco: Nay, answer me. Stand and unfold yourself.

Hamlet, Act I, Scene 1

The reference here is to two guards meeting each other in the dark and each demanding the other to identify himself. It’s dark and cold, and they are wrapped up in cloaks against the cold so they need to ask: unfold yourself.

So, here’s your chance to unfold YOUR “self.”

What is the “cloak” you’ve wrapped around your true self that keeps people around you from recognizing you – not just in the dark, but in the plain light of day?

“The Hamlet Secret” is ideal for anyone looking to experience a life of joy and purpose, regardless of the reader’s familiarity with the famous bard. Lynch’s lessons and workbook are provoking and rejuvenating, inspiring readers with every line.

James M. Lynch is a former actor, producer and director of theater. He worked in various other capacities before becoming co-owner of Knowledge-Mint, a company specializing in developing highly trafficked sites for their clients. He also works as a training consultant, performance breakthrough coach, cultural consultant and is the leader of the seminars and writing associated with http://www.starofyourownlife.com, a do-it-yourself life coach site. He currently lives with his wife and three children in a suburb of Chicago, and continues to produce and promote art and theater.

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