July 23, 2009

Winehouse tells court fan scared her

Singer Amy Winehouse testified Thursday in Westminster Magistrates' Court that the woman she is accused of assaulting had scared her.

Dancer Sherene Flash claims the troubled recording artist punched her in the eye at a charity ball last September when she attempted to bring a drunken friend into a photo she was having taken with Winehouse.

Winehouse has denied assaulting Flash.

She moved her left arm to lean down to me and tried to pose next to me, the BBC quoted Winehouse as telling the court Thursday. Her friend came round in front of us and started taking a picture. I was like, 'Do I get a choice in this -- hello?'

The singer admitted she pushed Flash away but described the action as more like an indication of 'leave me alone, I'm scared of you,' the BBC reported.

I meant to just get her away from me. I was scared, Winehouse said.