Better Government Association (BGA) to Launch Massive Ad Campaign

July 27, 2009

CANTON, Ohio, July 27 /PRNewswire/ — The Better Government Association (BGA), a newly formed 501 C4 non-profit association, announced today it will be making a huge splash into the debate on Cap-and-Trade, national health care and the socialist policies of the Obama Administration and the Democrats with a nationwide ad campaign using television, radio, newspapers, Internet and direct mail across the country.

The Better Government Association has been formed to counter the assault on conservatism and capitalism. The BGA’s stated purpose is to provide the organization lacking on the part of conservative capitalists to compete with the ultra organization of liberal socialists.

The Better Government Association has hired the best marketing experts in the world to produce advertising that will present the facts and persuade the public to turn against the socialized policies, including national health care, of the Obama Administration and Congress.

The mission of the BGA will be:

  1. To inform the public on the fallacies of the information being spread by the liberal socialist organizations and the facts on capitalism versus socialism;
  2. To promote conservative capitalist candidates for public office at all levels;
  3. To file lawsuits against unconstitutional laws and actions by government and counter-lawsuits to those lawsuits filed by the liberal socialist organizations; and
  4. To form grassroots organizations to compete with ACORN.

Liberal socialists have triumphed over conservative capitalists in recent years because they are well organized through labor unions, government employee unions, public school teacher unions, the entertainment industry unions, radical environmental organizations, plaintiff attorney organizations, ACORN, Media Matters and Moveon.org. They also get mega-funding from individuals like George Soros and have developed very advanced fundraising methods including internet fundraising.

Conservative capitalists lack this intricate network of support and are very poorly organized. The BGA will step into this void and provide the leadership and advertising expertise necessary to factually educate the public as to the benefits of capitalism versus the dangerous consequences of liberal socialism being promoted by Barack Obama, his numerous Czars and the Congress.

The initial media launch will be the first step taken by BGA to accomplish its mission. The BGA has planned an aggressive fundraising campaign to recruit millions of grassroots members who will join together to send a message to Congress and the Administration that the conversion from capitalism to socialism is not the “Change” we were promised. Membership in The Better Government Association is free.

If you are interested in learning more about The Better Government Association (www.bettergovernmentassociation.com), receive a press kit or to book an interview with BGA Leadership, please contact Lance Davis at the number above.

SOURCE The Better Government Association

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