Apangea Learning Set to Release Apangea Math 6.0

July 30, 2009

PITTSBURGH, July 30 /PRNewswire/ — Struggling and at-risk K-12 math students across the country will soon have access to the most advanced and effective online supplemental math tutoring service available as Apangea Learning (www.apangealearning.com) prepares to release version 6.0 of its award-winning, individualized Apangea Math solution.

Apangea Learning is a leader in personalized, one-on-one online tutoring for students nationwide. Its Apangea Math, introduced in 2002 and still the only service that provides real-time access to U.S.-certified teachers, has helped tens of thousands of students gain the skills to be more successful in their math studies. In the process, the students gain the personal confidence and enthusiasm to move forward successfully in their academic careers.

Version 6.0, slated for release early in the upcoming school year, will feature a customizable interface that will help users more readily navigate through the service and access learning support materials. Students will have new options to modify the ‘look and feel’ of the system to personal specifications, thus helping to engage them to work hard.

Apangea Math 6.0 also will feature more rigorous content — aligned with both the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics standards as well as those of various states and their assessment tests — that will challenge students to think mathematically.

Other new features will include innovative new learning tools to individualize course structure, enhanced instructional feedback and a new equation solver.

“Apangea Math 6.0 will be available for schools in just a few weeks, and we could not be more excited,” said David Farrer, vice president, product development. “Based on the feedback from educators in the school districts we serve, we’re adding new features and functionality that makes a great service even better.”

Farrer noted that the upcoming Apangea Math 6.0, with its enhanced power to provide individualized math tutoring for any student regardless of skill level, furthers the company’s commitment to differentiated learning and individual assessment reporting. The company works collaboratively with classroom teachers to develop individual learning pathways and provides teachers and administrators with detailed tracking of each student’s progress.

“Educators increasingly recognize that an individualized approach to working with students is key,” Farrer said. “We believe that Apangea Math 6.0 will be a better way to learn math — one student at a time.”

To register for a demo of Apangea Math 6.0, please visit http://apangea.com/PDF/Apangea%20Math%206.0%20Brochure.pdf or e-mail info@apangealearning.com.


Apangea Learning (www.apangealearning.com) is a pioneer in developing cost-effective, one-on-one online math and writing tutoring services for students in elementary through high schools across the United States. School districts purchase seat licenses for Apangea’s services and provide access to their students during the school day and after hours from home. Individual families and students may also subscribe directly. With its programs based on one of the world’s largest bodies of cognitive research originally conducted by the U.S. military, Apangea has both strong technical resources and a content-development prowess that enables it to harness advanced Web technologies and offer innovative instruction techniques. The privately owned company is based in Pittsburgh, PA.

    John Buckman
    Buckman Communications for Apangea Learning

SOURCE Apangea Learning

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