July 31, 2009

Tartaglia to headline stage variety show

John Tartaglia is set to lead the cast of The New Fangled Variety Show for two performances in New York, show representatives said.

The event will be taped before a live audience Aug. 10 at 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. at Comix in New York.

Featuring one of the funniest ensembles to hit the stage, incredible guest stars, live original music, sketch comedy, video shorts, hilarious puppets and Emmy- and Tony-award nominated actor John Tartaglia -- you never know what will happen in this multi-media smash, a release for the show said. Take a dash of Dean Martin, a pinch of Carol Burnett, a dabble of 'Laugh-In,' a dose of 'Saturday Night Live' and shake vigorously. It's a musical, sketch comedy and puppetry extravaganza that celebrates John's unpredictable, energetic and infectious personality.

Tartaglia, former star of TV's Johnny and the Sprites and the stage hit Avenue Q, can now be seen in Broadway's Shrek the Musical.

His variety show will feature appearances by several of his Shrek co-stars, such as Bobby Daye, Aymee Garcia, Noah Rivera and Jennifer Simard. The one-night-only production is directed by Donna Drake, and its head writer and video editor is Victor Varnado. Additional writing is by Karen Sneider and members of the cast.

The show's representatives did not say where or when the production would be broadcast.