Million Copy Best-Selling Horse Adventure Series Author, Sharon Siamon, Launches New Series Set in the Southwest

August 6, 2009

CHAPPAQUA, N.Y., Aug. 6 /PRNewswire/ — Twin sisters are faced with the beauties and perils of the Arizona desert in the “Wild Horse Creek” series by Sharon Siamon (Walrus Books/Whitecap). The series launches with The Mystery Stallion, and follows with Coyote Canyon in Winter 2010. Siamon has sold more than a million copies of her internationally-loved horse series, which include the ten-book Mustang Mountain series and the Saddle Island trilogy.

In The Mystery Stallion, Sophie and Liv spend spring break on their grandparents’ ranch in Arizona and encounter more adventure than they’d anticipated. Their grandfather’s prize stallion is badly injured, the rest of the herd of horses disappears, and the twins are thrown into a dangerous mystery. The Arizona desert comes alive in this fast-paced, engrossing horse adventure for kids ages 9-12. The twins survive snakebite, fight off wild pig-like javelinas, and confront bandits.

Enthusiastic Liv faces challenges head-on while anxious Sophie plays it safe, but as the story progresses, they develop, as individuals and in relation to one another. Unlike series where the protagonists remain the same throughout, these girls grow and change, just as their tween readers are doing.

“Girls love horse stories and horses, especially wild horses,” says Siamon. “As J. Edward Chamberlin says in his wonderful book, Horse, wild horses give us ‘a way of imagining what it would be like to be free and to wander with the herd in the field of our dreams.’”

Coyote Canyon, the second book in the “Wild Horse Creek” series, finds the twins on the ranch in Arizona for several months. The excitement focuses on the desperate search for a beautiful and precious foal.

Sharon Siamon http://www.sharonsiamon.com/ has sold more than a million copies of her novels worldwide. She is the author of the best-selling Mustang Mountain series, and has published fourteen novels in Canada, two series in England, and a series in Norway.

As a child, Siamon had a passion for horses, mountains, and books. She grew up in rural Ontario, Canada, and first went to the Mojave Desert as a young teenager. She says the Wild Horse Creek series “echoes the thrill of her first ride across the desert, galloping hard into the sunset.”

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