August 6, 2009

Kid Rock reaches out to robbery victim

U.S. rapper Kid Rock sent a little surprise to a Papa John pizza delivery man viciously beaten and robbed in Ohio last month -- a $1,500 check.

Harry Colyer, 28, of Harrison, Ohio, said he found the check earlier this week when he was released from a Cincinnati hospital after undergoing reconstructive surgery on his face, The Cincinnati Enquirer reported.

I didn't expect it and didn't ask for it, but it was certainly a very nice thing to do, Colyer told the newspaper.

While in town for a July 22 concert, Kid Rock decided to help Colyer after reading a story about the attack, said Nick Stern, a New York City representative of the musician.

Colye was attacked from behind with a two-by-four piece of lumber and a brick July 20 as he delivered pizzas. He never really listened to Kid Rock, whose real name is Robert James Ritchie. But Brenda Colyer, his 63-year-old mother, told the Enquirer she's been a Kid Rock fan since she saw him perform with 1950s rock 'n' roll singer Jerry Lee Lewis on television several years ago.