ThinAir Wireless Strengthens Partnership With Stop Child Predators to Immobilize Sex Offenders

August 7, 2009

HOUSTON, Aug. 7 /PRNewswire/ — Your typical sex offender molests on average, 117 children. As a result of Megan’s Law, all 50 U.S. states require those convicted of sexual offenses to sign a register so that their whereabouts can be tracked and monitored. The bone chilling truth however, is that 23 states have lost track of between 10 and 50 percent of their sex offenders.

Stop Child Predators is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to addressing these critically important issues, along with fighting for penalty enhancements for sex offenders. Through outreach, education and advocacy, Stop Child Predators has made leaps and bounds in their crusade for children. The organization not only promotes awareness for these issues but also provides a voice for victims, helping to rally entire communities for their support.

Telematics leader, ThinAir Wireless has enhanced their partnership agreement, which was signed nearly a year ago. The company recently launched the Offender Locator iPhone Application, a convenient tool that allows parents to create a safer environment for the family by viewing registered sex offenders living nearby.

“Information on the whereabouts of registered sex offenders became publicly available when Megan’s Law was enacted over a decade ago. The Offender Locator iPhone Application now puts this information at parents’ fingertips by allowing them to receive updates about sex offenders who move into their neighborhoods,” said Stacie Rumenap, President of Stop Child Predators. “We applaud ThinAir Wireless for making this technology available to parents who desperately want to protect their children and keep their family safe from child predators. Practically speaking, there’s no difference between accessing this information on a home computer and a cell phone. Offender Locator is simply a tool that allows busy parents to take advantage of today’s technology in helping to keep their children safe.”

ThinAir Wireless had already cemented a structure to donate ten percent of the proceeds from its Offender Locator iPhone Application (Version 2.0) to support philanthropic organizations, one of these being Stop Child Predators. These changes for the upgrade were submitted to Apple last week, however, before the 2.0 version was approved, the first version was removed due to unsubstantiated, inaccurate legal concerns.

The Offender Locator iPhone Application uses the phone’s built-in Global Positioning System to display a list of sex crime convicts in a given location. The application proves to be a convenient tool for busy families because not only will it perform searches based on current location (via GPS) but it can also search for sex offenders living nearby a friend whose address is stored in the user’s Apple iPhone address book. If traveling, the user can type in a street address to generate a list of convicted sex offenders in that area.

To learn more about ThinAir Wireless and Vision 20/20′s Peace of Mind products, please visit: govision2020.com. Media queries should be directed to press@thinairwireless.com.

To support the cause or learn more about Stop Child Predators, please visit: www.stopchildpredators.org. Media queries should be directed to srumenap@stopchildpredators.org.

ThinAir Wireless

ThinAir Wireless is an established telematics leader, providing global solutions to businesses and families alike. Our innovative range of products has raised the industry standard in wireless telemetry applications.

Vision 20/20 (a division of ThinAir Wireless) offers a multitude of consumer products that provide Peace of Mind to families and individuals. Our convenient Offender Locator iPhone Application allows parents to create a safer environment for the family by viewing registered sex offenders living nearby. Personal Tracking gives you the ability to track the whereabouts of cherished pets and loved ones who are considered high risk: teenage drivers, Alzheimer’s wanderers and autistic children; breathe easy knowing that your vehicle and boat are right where you left them. Asset Monitoring not only provides real-time updates but also protects against fraudulent activity.

Stop Child Predators

Stop Child Predators is a nonprofit organization dedicated to advancing the three goals of enhancing penalties, creating an effective sex offender registry, and protecting victims’ rights.

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