August 8, 2009

U2 tour tops $100 million in 13 shows

The Irish rock band U2 grossed more than $100 million in the first 13 shows of its 360 Degrees tour, box office totals show. reported Friday the With or Without You rockers grossed $28.8 million of their total during three shows at Croke Park in Dublin, Ireland, in late July.

The profitable Dublin performances allowed U2 to post the fourth-highest recorded gross for a performance run at a single location.

The U2 performances were narrowly edged out for third by the 1999 Woodstock festival, while the Spice Girls' 2008 performances at London's O2 Arena held second overall with $33.8 million in earnings.

Tops on the single gross concert list was U.S. singer Bruce Springsteen, who raked in $38.6 million at Giants Stadium in New York in 2003. said Springsteen and U2, along with pop star Madonna, are the only touring musical acts to have exceeded $100 million in overall ticket sales so far in 2009.