August 8, 2009

Japanese actress Sakai faces drug charge

Japanese actress and pop star Noriko Sakai was charged Saturday with drug possession after disappearing for several days following her husband's arrest.

Police in Tokyo who searched her apartment Friday said they found drugs and obtained an arrest warrant, Kyodo news service reported. Sakai surrendered late Saturday at a Tokyo police station.

''I don't remember stimulants being in my room, Sakai allegedly told police. But if they were there, it must be true.''

Sakai, 38, also known as Nori-P, was featured in a television show in 1986 and made a record the next year. In recent years, she has also appeared in commercials.

Her husband, Yuichi Takaso, 41, was arrested Monday after police said they found drugs concealed in his underwear. The couple have been living separately.

Sakai and their 10-year-old son vanished after Takaso's arrest. The boy was found Thursday staying with a friend of Sakai.

Officials at Toyota said they were considering dropping Sakai from commercials. Sun Music Production Corp. released a statement Saturday urging Sakai to cooperate with police.