August 10, 2009

Kate Gosselin says split still hurts

Kate Gosselin, half of the popular U.S. reality series Jon & Kate plus 8, says she wears her wedding ring despite her very public break-up with her husband.

In an interview on NBC's Today show Monday, Gosselin said she was shocked when her husband began dating soon after their split.

It is hurtful. It's very hurtful, she said. To be very honest, the most hurtful part is when his decisions directly affect our children. That's the hardest part for me.

She said she continued to wear her wedding ring because she didn't want to upset the children, explaining that introducing the eight children to the reality of their parents' divorce has been gradual.

Meanwhile, Jon Gosselin won't be participating in a two-part interview with E! News, scheduled to air Monday and Tuesday.

A spokesman for the cable network said, The interview with Jon Gosselin originally scheduled for tonight's (Monday's) 'E! News' has been canceled.