August 12, 2009

Final ‘Guiding Light’ episode shot

Cast and crew bade farewell to Guiding Light at Peapack (N.J) Reformed Church, site of weddings and funerals for its fictitious Springfield residents.

After seven decades of feuds and love in the afternoon, Guiding Light will go dark in September, ending the longest-ever running soap, KDKA, Pittsburgh, reported.

Now, unbelievably, the 'Guiding Light' will be extinguished, the Rev. Kathryn Henry, who led a memorial service for cast and crew, said of the guiding light of the lamp left in the church window to welcome parishioners seeking guidance.

Guiding Light debuted as an NBC radio serial Jan. 25, 1937. In 1947 the show moved to CBS radio, then began its television run on CBS June 30, 1952.

As shooting ended on episode No. 15,762, stars such as Kim Zimmer said it was tough saying good-bye.

It's those things -- those people that you'll never see again, said Zimmer, whose nine-times-married Reva has been the core of the show for nearly 30 years. It's being in that studio.

Zimmer won four Daytime Emmy Awards. The show and its actors have won a combined 69 Daytime Emmy Awards.

The series finale will air Sept. 18.