Wish Cards Seek to Change the World, One Wish at a Time

August 14, 2009

WINSTON-SALEM, N.C., Aug. 14 /PRNewswire/ — It’s often the smallest “random acts of kindness” that can make the biggest difference in someone’s life. And that’s the motivation behind Wish Cards, a new product that’s being offered to people worldwide through WishCard.us (http://www.wishcard.us).

Wish Cards are beautifully illustrated cards that can be handed out to anyone — family members, friends, co-workers and even strangers. Each card bears an inspirational message relating to a specific topic, such as “Love” or “Protection.” With the giving of that card, the recipient is encouraged to keep the card in a purse or wallet and then complete a random act of kindness. The card becomes a tool to instigate positive transformation, and the recipient becomes that agent of change within the world. In completing this task, the card holder will experience personal change for the better as well.

“No act of kindness, no matter how small, is ever wasted, and so that was the basis for creating Wish Cards,” says Renee Niedzwiecki, Wish Cards’ founder. “With the mission to change the world one wish at a time, these cards move people to complete acts that might otherwise be left undone. The energy generated by doing good deeds for others, just out of the kindness of your heart is incredibly powerful, and the collective power of many people acting out of kindness has the potential to be world-changing.”

The colorfully illustrated Wish Cards may be ordered in packs and through the online site for $5.95. Wishes include: “Love,” “Success,” “Health and Healing,” “Comeback,” “Luck,” “Protection,” “Peace,” “Prosperity,” and “Ultimate Wish.” Wish Card recipients are encouraged to collect all these cards. When they do, they can discover the “Ultimate Wish” by taking all the words on the sides of each card, unscramble them and reassemble them to uncover the “Ultimate Wish.”

“The deciphering of the ‘Ultimate Wish’ is a game of sorts, which is a fun way to give people an incentive to do more good through numerous random acts of kindness,” Niedzwiecki says. “With the pace and haste of today’s stressful society, this forces people to slow down, indulge in a lighter side to life, and partake in a very effective, positive and rewarding experience. I’ve seen the impact these cards can have firsthand. It’s proven to work simply because sparking many random acts of kindness can only generate positive energy — that’s the nature of such goodness.”

Of note to retailers, Wish Cards are now available for national distribution and new affiliates. Created with the “Gift” industry and “New Age” markets in mind, Wish Cards may be sold through brick-and-mortar stores and online vendors. Retailers interested in carrying Wish Cards can contact the company for ordering details.

For more information, visit: http://www.wishcard.us


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