Woodstock 40th Anniversary: Sly Stone Reliant on Social Security

August 14, 2009

ZWOLLE, The Netherlands, August 14 /PRNewswire/ –


On the 40th anniversary of Woodstock we learned that singer Sly Stone who
was one of the highlights of the festival is running out of money due to a
conflict with his former manager Jerry Goldstein. Sly told this to dutchman

Willem Alkema who is making a documentary about the rockstar titled: “Coming
Back for More”.

Since the 80s Sly has lived the life of a recluse. He has spent the last
20 years or more consciously avoiding TV interviews. This, the first filmed
interview in more then 20 years, will be screened in September.

In the 60s and 70s Sly Stone scored a string of monster hits including
Family Affair and Everyday People. Nowadays, life for the flamboyant former
frontman of Sly and the Family Stone, is a far cry from the earlier

In the interview, Sly explains about the conflict with his manager Jerry

At the end of the 80s Sly handed over all his musical rights to his
manager who was under contractual obligation to pay out an allowance to Sly.
It was agreed that Goldstein was responsible for payment of fixed expenses
and costs.

Thanks to that agreement, Jerry Goldstein turned off the financial tap
and although legally the father of funk has a solid contestable case, he
lacks the funds to engage a lawyer to proceed his case.

Since the financial drought, Sly has been eking out an existence in
campers and cheap hotels. He has become reliant on social security for his

An end to the situation seemed to be in sight with an agreement with

Michael Jackson: Years ago, Jackson had bought up the rights to many of Sly’s

The two musicians had been in close cahoots in recent days. Jackson had
commissioned Sly with writing songs for his new album and had finally talked
him into touring again. The untimely death of Michael scuppered these plans.

If something doesn’t give – and soon – the musical genius that is Sly
Stone might soon be consigned to the realms of beggary and the scrapheap of

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