August 16, 2009

Sources: TLC troubled by Gosselin actions

TLC is questioning the actions of Jon Gosselin, star of the U.S. cable network's reality series Jon & Kate Plus 8, sources tell exclusively.

The Web site reported Saturday that, according to unidentified sources, TLC officials are troubled by Gosselin's decision to wear Ed Hardy brand clothing on the popular series as well as his decision to split from his wife Kate.

The relationship between Jon and the network has become very strained, a source said of the recent fallout between the two sides following the couple's split and Gosselin's rumored relationship with a younger woman.

The network has begun blurring out all logos on shirts Gosselin wears on Plus 8, which focuses on the couple's life raising eight children, and the censorship process has now become a show policy.

TLC feels like they are being used by Jon, a source close to the situation told RadarOnline. They want to send him a message loud and clear.

The Web site said network executives also gave the green light to Kate Gosselin for a recent Today interview, while nixing plans for an interview on E! with Jon Gosselin.