August 16, 2009

British actress charged after drug raid

A TV star is free on $8,268 bail after an arrest Sunday for alleged drug dealing, cultivating cannabis plants and money-laundering, English police said.

Holly McGuire, 31, was arrested after police allegedly found more than $248,056 worth of cocaine and a cannabis plant factory at a semi-detached house in Homechurch. The search also allegedly revealed $198,445 in cash in the trunk of a Bentley Continental, police told The Mail on Sunday.

McGuire was staying in the home with a friend, Steven Brace, 37, who was also charged with plotting to supply the three kilos of cocaine found in a bedroom wardrobe and with growing 56 cannabis plants.

The two were also charged with rerouting the main electric line into the house to power UV lamps for the marijuana without paying for the service.

McGuire, who was charged under her real name, Victoria Yallop, was freed on bail but required to stay at an address in Grays, Essex, and observe a 6 p.m. to 6 a.m. curfew. The actress starred in a show called Footballers' Wives.