New Book Follows Family’s Urbanization in Toronto: ‘There Never Was a Better Time’

August 20, 2009

TORONTO, Aug. 20 /PRNewswire/ — Death too frequently stalks the domain of those who earn their living from the sea. Keeping that in mind, it is not hard to see how the glamour of early 20th century Toronto would be appealing to young men from a fishing village on the Atlantic coast. “There Never Was a Better Time” (published by iUniverse) by Doug Taylor, chronicles the migration of the Taylor family from Newfoundland to Toronto.

In the early 20th century, Newfoundland, like Canada, was an independent dominion under the sovereignty of the British Crown. At the opening of “There Never Was a Better Time,” Jimmy, the oldest of the Taylor sons, has already immigrated to Canada to escape the dangers of fishing for a living. His two younger brothers, Jack and Ernie envy the new life that he has chosen. For them, each workday entails confronting the treacherous inland waterways. When a horrible accident befalls one of the village’s small fishing vessels, Ernie cannot shake the sense of foreboding that the tragedy has instilled in him. He eventually makes the decision to leave Newfoundland for the burgeoning metropolis of Toronto. Spurred on by his brother’s resolve and much to the dismay of the Taylor family, Jack decides to join his brother.

“There Never Was a Better Time” follows the two young brothers on the quintessential migrant adventure. Enthralled by the sights and pleasures of “Roaring Twenties” Toronto, the two brothers find work and a new life in the exciting urban centre. Eventually, the remaining members of the Taylor family in Newfoundland make the decision to migrate to Toronto as well.

Well, I’m not certain of anything. I’ll dearly miss my mates around the cove, as well as fishing on the Banks, but what choice do we have? The price of cod is pitiful, and we’ve no other way to earn a living. We must leave. Our family is being scattered to the winds, and I long to see the boys in Toronto. There’s no future here for our other sons.

“There Never Was a Better Time” is a poignant and sometimes humorous glance into the early 20th century migrant experience. Based on the experiences of the author’s own family combined with research incorporating primary and secondary resources, Doug Taylor has crafted a novel that will appeal to connoisseurs of history and fans of the human experience.

Doug Taylor is a retired secondary school history teacher and was a member of the faculty of Lakeshore Teachers’ College at York University. He is a prolific collector of books regarding the history of Toronto. When he’s not writing or researching, Taylor enjoys traveling. Taylor has authored three other books entitled “Citadel on the Hill,” “Pathway of Duty” and “Lilies of the Covenant.” He currently has two other books about Toronto in the works. For more information on Doug Taylor go to http://www.freewebs.com/johndougtaylor.

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