August 20, 2009

Copperfield lawyers call plaintiff a liar

David Copperfield's lawyers say the Washington woman who has accused the illusionist of sexually assaulting her in 2007 is a habitual liar.

The 22-year-old, unidentified fashion model recently filed a federal lawsuit against Copperfield, claiming he lured her to a secluded island in the Bahamas, repeatedly assaulted her and threatened to kill her. She is seeking unspecified damages for the infliction of emotional distress, false misrepresentation and false imprisonment, The Seattle Times said.

However, Angelo Calfo and Patty Eakes at Yarmuth, Wilsdon, Calfo PLLC, the law firm that represents Copperfield, categorized the lawsuit as a false claim intended to earn money for the woman who filed it.

This woman... has a history of lying, the lawyers said in a statement. She has lied to law enforcement before and, as a result, had innocent people arrested based on a false accusation. She bragged to one of her closest friends that she could make up allegations against a guy to 'take a guy down' if she wanted to. She said this before she even met Mr. Copperfield. Witness after witness who know her personally say she is incapable of telling the truth. Her pattern of lying continues in this lawsuit.

The lawyers also dispute the alleged victim's claim that she and Copperfield were alone on the island and no one was around to help her.

There were more than 20 women and men on the island during her visit. The allegation that there was no one on the island to help her -- even if she needed help -- is preposterous, the attorneys said.

She never complained to anyone about her treatment, never showed any signs of distress and no one on the island saw her with scratches, bruises or any other signs of assault, the lawyers added. That's because nothing of the sort ever happened.