August 22, 2009

Hefner sued over marital deal

Hugh Hefner's estranged wife Kimberly Conrad alleges in a Los Angeles lawsuit that the Playboy magazine founder violated a marital agreement. reportedly exclusively Saturday that Conrad, 47, alleges in a Los Angeles County Superior Court lawsuit that Hefner, 83, owes her more than $5 million for violating a prenuptial agreement.

Conrad, a former Playboy model, lives with the former couple's two sons in a home next door to the Playboy mansion where Hefner resides.

Conrad and her children have lived in the home for 10 years after she and Hefner officially separated nine years after their 1989 marriage.

While the couple had a prenuptial agreement, they later reached an agreement upon their separation that would provide Conrad with guaranteed finances. said now Conrad alleges Hefner intends to sell the Los Angeles home and has informed her she must move out within nine months despite the agreement.

Additional details regarding the litigation and marital conflict were not reported.