August 22, 2009

Michelle Obama picked as big trendsetter

Michelle Obama is the big winner in's summer Pop Culture poll, with half of those surveyed calling her the biggest U.S. trendsetter.

Sarah Jessica Parker trailed with 17 percent and Victoria Beckham was third at 13 percent.

The first lady did better than her husband, who was a distant runner-up to George Clooney as most distinguished-looking man. Obama got 15 percent to 40 percent for Clooney.

The Obamas came in second in the sexiest couple category, chosen by 16 percent, while 29 percent picked Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie.

Michael Jackson's death came in first as the biggest headline of the year so far, with 41 percent picking it to 31 percent for the ongoing saga of Bernard Madoff and 16 percent the sudden death of John Travolta's son.

On the negative side, Amy Winehouse and Lindsay Lohan were in a statistical tie for celebrities who need therapy with 38 percent for Winehouse and 37 percent for Lohan. Paris Hilton was the winner in the most promiscuous category, while Mel Gibson's shattered marriage was the most shocking breakup.

Parade polled 5,000 people for the survey.