August 24, 2009

Lifeguards aid Blaine in rough water

Lifeguards at Necox Beach in New York's Hamptons said they helped illusionist David Blaine and two friends out of the rough waters during the weekend.

A lifeguard who asked not to be identified told the New York Post Blaine and his friends ignored warnings Sunday to stay out of the water, which became dangerous as a result of Hurricane Bill.

They were warned not to go in because of the hurricane surf conditions, the lifeguard told the newspaper, adding the trio walked farther east and jumped in, and then were pulled back west by the current.

It looked like they needed help, the lifeguard said. It looked like they got sucked out and one of them was panicking.

She said she and a fellow lifeguard swam out and advised Blaine and company how to return to shore safely. The three listened and were able to escape the water without physical assistance, the lifeguard told the Post.