August 27, 2009

New Visual Concealment Technology Based on Animal Vision

The 2009 hunting season kicks off in early September. As hunters gear up
this year, they’ll have a new, scientifically-advanced option for visual
concealment — GORE(TM) OPTIFADE(TM) Concealment. Designed by W.L. Gore &
Associates (makers of GORE-TEX(R)), the pattern takes into account how deer
and other hoofed-animals see – very differently than humans.

Through the ages, hunting has evolved with the advent of new science and
technologies. W.L. Gore & Associates worked with a panel of experts,
including an animal vision scientist and the man who developed the military’s
digital camouflage patterns, to create a pattern that it claims helps hunters
“disappear” in the eyes of their prey.

Taking into account how animals see color and patterns, OPTIFADE(TM)
features digital pixels that form both a micro and a macro pattern. The
unique micro-pattern helps the hunter blend with the environment, while the
macro pattern breaks up the symmetry of the human form so the animal doesn’t
recognize the hunter as a predator. In nature, stalking predators like tigers
use a macro pattern and ambush predators like leopards use a micro pattern.
The OPTIFADE pattern utilizes both, as humans stalk and ambush when they
hunt. W.L. Gore & Associates says it believes that concealment based on
animal vision is the future of the sport and it plans on creating other
patterns for other prey and various hunting terrains.

Hunting gear from Sitka, and bows from BowTech feature the OPTIFADE
pattern and are now available at retail for the upcoming hunting season. Gore
and Sitka report that retailers are optimistic about the potential for sales
of gear with GORE(TM) OPTIFADE(TM) Concealment. According to a U.S. Fish and
Wildlife study, the nation’s hunters spent almost $11 billion on equipment in

Video, hard copy requests, downloadable statistics on hunter myths and
realities (research conducted by Kelton Research), visual timeline –
Game-Changers: A Hunting History, store-finder and more on www.optifade.com

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NEWS: W.L. Gore & Associates Launches New Concealment Pattern for Hunters
Based on Animal Vision

FORMAT: B-roll and soundbites

ADDITIONAL RESOURCES: Video, contact information and more available at:

    * Dr. Jay Neitz, vision scientist, University of Washington Medical
      School in Seattle (current); vision scientist, Medical College of
      Wisconsin (1991 - 2008, during the development of GORE(TM) OPTIFADE(TM)
    * Lieutenant Colonel Timothy (Tim) O'Neill, Ph.D. (U.S. Army, Ret.) -
      known by many as the "Father of Digital Camouflage"
    * Bob Robb, hunting writer and editor

    * People Hunting
    * Gear / Product Shots

VIDEO PROVIDED BY: W.L. Gore & Associates

Contact: FOR MORE INFORMATION, PLEASE CALL: MultiVu Media Relations,
1-800-653-5313 EXT. 3

SOURCE W.L. Gore & Associates

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