New Golf Car Seats Designed to Have Your Back in Luxurious Style

September 1, 2009

NAPLES, Fla., Sept. 1 /PRNewswire/ — Golf enthusiasts and brothers, David and Dan Vahala, share a love of the game and an eye for innovative business opportunities. Their newest inspiration? Luxurious and stylish seats that fit on golf cars.

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“It’s simple when you think about it. People expect comfortable seats in their cars, they choose comfortable seating for their homes, so why not enjoy those same benefits when you’re riding on a golf car?” said David Vahala, President, Ultimate Golf Seating, with headquarters in Elkhart, Ind. and offices in Naples, Fla. “On average, you’ll spend four hours playing a round of golf, so we designed our seats to offer exceptional back comfort and also be stylish.”

Medical experts agree.

“What I really like about Ultimate Golf Seating is that you don’t have to think about sitting properly to protect your back. These seats support your whole back and you can feel that right away,” said William S. Billmyre of Billmyre Chiropractic Life Center. “There’s nothing worse than not being able to do something because your back hurts. These seats invite you to sit in them.”

“These seats are great for the natural curve in your spine, and they offer cervical support with the adjustable headrests,” said Dr. Murray Johnston of Southwest Spinal Care. “Nearly 90 percent of my patients play golf, while 95 percent of them are over the age of 65 and nearly 100 percent of them have disc problems. The Ultimate Golf Seating product forces you to sit the way you should, and that helps promote spinal health.”

Ultimate Golf Seating has three styles of seats available, along with a palette of color selections. All of the seats can also be custom embroidered to include, for example, a customer’s favorite club or team. The Luxury Bucket and Luxury Bench seats look like the type of seats you would find in a luxury car. Both feature adjustable headrests and lumbar support, and fold-down armrests. The Luxury Bucket style offers a center locking console, while the Luxury Bench style offers a center fold-down armrest. The seats are made with high-quality, marine grade vinyl for proven durability, while underneath is a foam made of a superior resiliency polyurethane similar to high-end mattresses.

“Golf cars are outside a lot, so we wanted to use materials that were made to withstand UV rays, yet also be easy to clean with our Ultimate Stain Shield Protection coating,” said Vahala.

A third design, the Premier Bench Seat, offers the same quality of materials and comfort as the Luxury series, but is designed for fleet use.

“We created these seats so they can fit onto Club Car, EZ Go and Yamaha brand golf cars,” said Vahala. “And they can be easily installed in just a few steps.”

Pricing for the seats is from $695 to $1195.

“Our seats offer a great alternative in seating in two important ways,” said Vahala. “How they feel for your back and how they look on your golf car.”

Additional information about Ultimate Golf Seating is available online at www.ultimategolfseating.com or by calling toll-free at (888) 989-9887.

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