September 1, 2009

1st entirely British produced 3-D film set

The U.K. 3-D stereoscopic production company Vision3 has announced its appointment as exclusive 3-D consultants on the film Elfie Hopkins and the Gammons.

Produced by Size 9 Productions and starring Jaime Winstone, the independent horror film is to be the first British 3-D feature to involve an entirely U.K.-based creative and technical team, Vision3 said.

Up until now, 3-D features filmed in the United Kingdom have relied on outsourcing from the United States or European-based companies.

Vision3 has instilled huge confidence in me when it comes to 3-D filmmaking. They have shown dedication to create a beautiful visual for the film and also a great understanding of how to enhance the storytelling through 3-D. 3-D is basically another filmmaking tool and Vision3 know how this exciting new technology can be used to engage an audience, the movie's director Ryan Andrews said in a statement.