Will Sex Be Passed by Fantasy Football in Men’s Minds in 2009?

September 2, 2009

KENOSHA, Wis., Sept. 2 /PRNewswire/ — How often do men think of sex? The infamous Kinsey studies show 54 percent of men think about sex every day, several times a day(1). Another fantasy is ready to move ahead of sex – fantasy football.

The challenge. “If you play fantasy football or have a spouse or friend that plays, you know first-hand that men will think more about fantasy football than sex this year, especially in September. Millions of American men are researching players, poring over stats, studying depth charts and drafting their fantasy teams right now. With RapidDraft Fantasy Football, we’re offering the largest prize, $250,000, in fantasy sports history for a free game. Although both will get plenty of play, our goal is to move fantasy ahead of sex in men’s minds,” said Jeff Thomas, CEO of World Fantasy Games, and former Fantasy Sports Trade Association (FSTA) President.

The research. According to FSTA research from the University of Mississippi’s Dr. Kim Beason, fantasy sports consumers think about fantasy sports, on average, 41 to 42 minutes per day, with increased time during the pre-season. That’s almost two minutes per hour – or nearly two seconds per minute. “Any leisure experience that the player immerses into will involve increased time thinking or daydreaming about that leisure experience. Because fantasy football information is so persuasive in the media from August-December, it has to kick-start the mind into meandering about playing fantasy sport,” explained Beason. “Leisure is defined as time involved in activity, money spent on activity, and the state of mind of the person experiencing the leisure activity. Clearly, men who play fantasy sport are much more likely to involve all three of these areas – time, money, state of mind. Sex may barely be winning the time category, but not the money or state of mind.”

The solution. “Men can jump online at any time of day or night and play RapidDraft alone in the privacy of their living room. No coordinating others. No dead teams. No dealing with clueless buddies that pick a Defense in Round Three. Consumers compete against 11 fantasy experts represented online by life-like avatars backed with artificial intelligence. Our patent-pending technology is incredible and the online sports bar user experience is second to none. I’ve met a lot of guys that think they can beat the pros. Now they can prove it and help us officially move fantasy football ahead of sex once and for all,” Thomas offers.

RapidDraft is free to play until Labor Day by going to this link or by using Promo Code = go4it via the home page.

A woman’s view. “One of the age old stereotypes is that the only thing men think about is sex. But I think most women would agree, this time of year, men are living and breathing fantasy football,” said Fantasy Lunch co-host Caitlin “The Sports Blonde” Morrall, whose blog-talk radio show debuted in July where she shares insight with thousands of listeners. “Besides in RapidDraft the winner walks away with $250,000. Wives, girlfriends, and moms will be very happy if the fantasy thoughts of their ‘boys’ turn into a quarter of a million dollars.”

Vote Now. “To help us with the sex vs. fantasy challenge, we are conducting an online survey during the month of September – please vote by going to RapidDraft.com,” adds The Sports Blonde. “Do men think more about fantasy football or sex this time of year? The results will be distributed in October.”

RapidDraft and WFG are working with more than 50 marketing partners this year to get the word out. The target is the core fantasy demographic, the 18 to 49 year old male. And the tool is ‘the draft’ in the form of the most innovative, virtual live draft room ever seen, avatar-based play, and artificial intelligence rolled into games for the masses. FSTA research shows that the draft is the most popular time of the fantasy season. And it attracts extremely engaged fantasy consumers, spending at least five to six hours per week following their fantasy football teams. Our bet is that those numbers sky rocket in September, leading fantasy football to pass sex in the minds of millions of men.

About World Fantasy Games

WFG creates fantasy sports games and web sites for brands and corporations worldwide. The company combines two experienced fantasy sports leaders, 17-year industry pioneer Sports Buff, and nine-year fantasy news veterans, Pro Fantasy Sports, with a new global strategic plan. WFG’s game expertise and its robust, multi-language B2B Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) solution are a perfect combination for businesses and brands looking to operate fantasy sports games for profit or promotion. Check-out RapidDraft today or for more information on WFG go to WorldFantasyGames.com.

Footnote 1 – Kinsey Institute’s study widely quoted found 54 percent of men think of sex every day, several times a day, compared to only 18 percent of women who did.

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