September 2, 2009

MJ tribute concert tickets selling fast

Interest in tickets to the upcoming Michael Jackson tribute concert in Vienna is immense, organizers said Wednesday.

Jackson died June 25 at the age of 50. His death has been declared a homicide after lethal levels of the anesthesia propofol were found in his system. The doctor who administered the drug to Jackson is under investigation, but no charges have been brought against him.

The Tribute: In Memory of Michael Jackson is set to take place Sept. 26 in front of Schoenbrunn Palace.

The late pop icon's brother Jermaine, who is co-producing the concert, is scheduled to hold a press conference Tuesday at Vienna City Hall to announce details about the show, including who will perform in it.

The interest for 'The Tribute' around the world is immense, a news release about the concert said. The Internet server-cluster of World Awards Media -- programmed to deal with 1 million hits -- was overwhelmed at the initial start of ticket sales and was down for 28 minutes due to the demand. Ticket sales, as previously announced, will be in stages in order to prevent ticket scalping. The entire first ticket contingent for 'The Tribute,' this means half of all available tickets, has already been sold.

The second wave of tickets went on sale Tuesday.

We expect the first categories to be sold out very quickly, said Andreas Egger -- managing director of oeticket, which is coordinating the worldwide ticket sales for the concert.

Organizers of the event did not say how many tickets total would be made available to the public.