September 5, 2009

Official: Madonna show prompted protests

A Palestinian youth official says U.S. pop star Madonna caused protests in Gaza and the West Bank by draping herself in the Israeli flag during a recent show.

Hania Bitar, Palestinian Youth Association for Leadership and Rights Activation director general, said Palestinians voiced their displeasure with the Madonna's actions during one of her concerts in Tel Aviv, Israel, this week, The Times of London reported Saturday.

Specifics regarding the protests and the date of the concert were not reported.

The Material Girl singer had been handed the Israeli flag by an audience member at her show.

One attendee of the Tel Aviv shows said Madonna, 51, did not adjust her style of dress for the Israeli appearances, despite a prior request to do so from an unidentified Orthodox rabbi.

She looked amazing, especially for her age -- but not really what I would consider an 'observant' Jewish woman's dress, concertgoer Rachel Homesh told The Times. We didn't really think that she would show up all covered up. She wouldn't be able to dance. The most she wore was at the very end, when she put on a Jewish flag.