September 5, 2009

‘CSI’ creator to release ‘digital novel’

U.S. TV producer Anthony Zuiker, creator of CSI, says his hybrid digital novel Level 26 will take place, in part, on the Internet.

The New York Post reported Saturday readers of Level 26 will be asked at various points in the hardcover novel to visit to view video clips that help move the book's storyline forward.

We are hoping to start a revolution here, Zuiker said of his literary endeavor.

Zuiker admitted there have been some problems making the online videos consistent with his novel, which follows an FBI agent as he hunts down a serial killer.

Even Disneyland had some problem with the rides when it first opened, he told the Post. Coordinating everything between the book, the video and the Web site was almost completely insurmountable, but we actually made it.

The Post said the book itself was written by crime writer Duane Swierczynski and outlined by Zuiker, while the CSI creator wrote and directed all of the clips. Level 26 is due out in stores Tuesday.