September 6, 2009

Cox enjoying her ‘Cougar’ character

U.S. actress Courteney Cox says she truly enjoys playing her character on the new ABC series Cougar Town.

The Los Angeles Times said Sunday that Cougar features Cox, 45, as a divorced mother attempting to find love in Florida, a far cry from her role as a cynical tabloid editor in the defunct FX series Dirt.

I hope this show is a huge hit and that people love it. Because I like playing this character more than any character I've ever played, Cox said of her character Jules in Cougar, which is set to premiere on ABC on Sept. 23.

Bill Lawrence, who created Cougar with Kevin Biegel, said he designed the Cougar character around Cox's real-life personality.

I wanted her to be like Courteney. If you talk to Courteney when she's off-guard, or when she's being herself, she's incredibly frank, she's incredibly brassy, he told the Times. Very opinionated, very self-deprecating. But at heart she's still a goofball.