Pluto Action Sports Revolutionizes the Skateboard Industry Today

September 8, 2009

SAN DIEGO, Sept. 8 /PRNewswire/ — Pluto Action Sports revolutionized the skateboard industry today, with the introduction of their innovative and patented Truck and Skateboard system. The patent (US Patent # 7,581,739) was issued by the US Patent Office on September 1st 2009. This essential Patent provides Pluto Action Sports a division of Pluto Technologies Inc. to commercialize their high tech Skateboarding system.

The Pluto Action Sports solution lets the Skateboarder customize the performance of the skateboard and provides for consistent response (consistence user experience).This patent was issued on September 1, 2009 and will revolutionize the skateboarding industry providing for a consistent responsiveness from the board and trucks. “Untapped performance captured,” says James Fraley CEO of Pluto Action Sports.

Based in San Diego CA. USA (extreme action sports Mecca) is the home to many professional Skateboarders notables: Tony Hawk and Shawn White. Pluto Action Sports has been in stealth mode developing the next generation advancements to the sport of skateboarding.

“The launch of the Pluto Action Sports Truck and Skateboard platform provides a truly amazing opportunity for this market segment,” says James Fraley.

  • Designed in San Diego
  • Designed for the Competitive Skateboarder
  • Control the experience
  • Consistent experience

Contact: James Fraley (619) 665 7098 james.fraley@plutoactionsports.com

SOURCE Pluto Action Sports

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