LousyLice.com Goes Live Just in Time for Head Lice Prevention Month

September 9, 2009

MIAMI, Sept. 9 /PRNewswire/ — It’s that time of year — children are gearing up to go back to school. Fresh from a summer full of fun, they’ll be heading into classrooms with good attitudes, new clothes and backpacks stuffed with school supplies. Some, however, will unknowingly be returning to class with their heads crawling with tiny, pesky lice.

During September, slated as Head Lice Prevention Month, teachers who stumble upon head lice cases will be dismissing kids from the school grounds with the “homework” to get rid of them. Upon hearing the news, these children and their families often suffer silently, as they cope with the associated stigma and embarrassment. They also struggle to obtain reliable information about the condition and treatment options because the Centers for Disease Control don’t regard head lice as a health hazard.

In response, one Florida mom, whose entire family was afflicted by head lice, has launched a first-of-its-kind, global website devoted to the topic. Debuting just in time for the back-to-school season, LousyLice.com (http://www.lousylice.com) is an interactive, online portal for head lice facts, support, treatment hints, preventative tips, product reviews, forums and more.

“When my son first got lice, we battled it off and on for nine months,” says Nadine Pierre-Louis, LMFT, DAPA, the Florida-Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist who created LousyLice.com. “During this time, the entire family got lice, too, and we were very much in the dark as to how to treat it properly and deal with the personal distress that goes with it. Getting head lice, however, is quite common — it can happen to anyone. No one should be treated like an outcast because they have it, and that’s one of the key messages behind LousyLice.com. This website provides much-needed psychological and emotional support, plus it’s packed with educational materials and facts.”

Additionally, LousyLice.com offers two noteworthy features: “Report an Incident” and “School Report Card.” With these tools, parents can anonymously report a case, and research incident locations and dates. This helps prevent the exposure to and spreading of lice, disabling the “cycle of re-infestation.” As the data grows, it will serve to inform educators and communities worldwide.

“An estimated 12 million children are hit with head lice annually, yet all the information we have is based on assumptions due to a lack of solid data,” Pierre-Louis says. “The tracking and reporting provided through LousyLice.com is a brand-new, formal effort to collect real-time data on the problem’s frequency and scope.”

LousyLice.com also provides a comprehensive product review section, profiling everything from gels to sprays and shampoos. Product details and a consumer rating system empower people with knowledge about options. To encourage reporting and provide a benefit to schools, LousyLice.com is giving 10 percent of its profits to schools where outbreaks have been reported.

For more information, visit http://www.lousylice.com.


    Nadine Pierre-Louis, LMFT, DAPA
    Founder, LousyLice.com

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