Come2Play Releases Virtual Currency Monetization Platform

September 9, 2009

TEL-AVIV, Israel, Sept. 9 /PRNewswire/ — Come2Play http://www.come2play.com announced today the release of Come2Play Tokens, a virtual currency platform that shares revenue with publishers and game developers. Revenue is generated through the purchase of tokens integrated into every game on Come2Play’s embeddable Multiplayer Gaming Network.

In all of Come2Play’s games, players challenge each other using virtual tokens. The winner of the game wins the total amount of challenged tokens. In addition, players can use tokens to purchase virtual rewards to complete reward collections. Players are ranked by the number of tokens and completed collections they have accrued. A player’s first token package is received for free. When a player wants more tokens, they visit the Token Store and either purchase tokens with cash or earn them by completing advertising offers. Come2Play shares this revenue with their publishers and developers.

The virtual token economy is built around games as opposed to having developers build in-game features into each game. This allows any game released on the Come2Play network to easily take advantage of this revenue generating feature. In addition, Come2Play shares in-network banner advertising revenues – giving publishers and developers a full monetization package.

Come2Play’s Multiplayer Gaming Network is a bundled, out-of-the-box, social gaming portal that publisher can easily customize and embed on their site. Come2Play Tokens and the virtual currency platform are built into every Multiplayer Gaming Network. Additional social features include a multiplayer game gallery, game rooms, chat, leaderboards, rewards and achievements. In order to increase engagement, the Multiplayer Gaming Networks can be seamlessly integrated with a publisher’s user database in order to keep player’s profiles and token balances intact.

Game developers are automatically tied into the revenue share program when their game is uploaded to the Come2Play platform. Come2Play’s distribution allows game developers to earn revenue on every website where their game is played — this includes Come2Play’s social network applications, widgets and third party integration which includes publishers, toolbars and chat services. Developers enjoy three revenue sources — virtual Currency purchased through their game, selling game sponsorship and in-game advertising.

To learn more about Come2Play’s Multiplayer Gaming Network, http://www.come2play.com/channel_page.asp

Download images for this press release: http://www.come2play.com/shared/not_svn/FileManager/PR/VCM/ImagePack.html

About Come2Play

Come2Play is the first white-label multiplayer gaming platform. To date, over 95 million matches have been played throughout Come2Play’s multiplayer network. All games are played on leading social networks like Facebook, MySpace and Orkut, start pages and IM services like iGoogle, MSN and Meebo, and gaming portals like Net-Games and Zapak. To learn more, visit http://www.come2play.com

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