September 10, 2009

McCartney hasn’t played Beatles video game

British rock 'n' roll icon Paul McCartney says he hasn't played The Beatles: Rock Band, a new video game featuring his former group's music.

The game and a digitally remastered version of the band's song catalog were released this week.

I haven't tried it, the Liverpool Echo quoted McCartney as saying of the game. When you go to a demo they play it and I go, 'God, that looks hard.'

However, the former Beatles bass player and vocalist admitted he is often wary of new technology.

I think you either don't embrace the modern day or you do embrace it, he said. For instance, I held out on mobile phones for years. I could see everyone using them. I thought they were poncy. But then I got one and thought, 'This is good.' So I'm not a dinosaur. I probably resist most trends until I think, 'I'll have a go at this.' And the 'Rock Band' thing is similar because I'm not a video gamer. I go to people's houses and they're whacking away the Wiis, and I can see the fun, and I'll have a couple of games and get beaten instantly and think, 'I don't like those games any more.'

McCartney went on to say he supports the Beatles: Rock Band game because he hopes it will introduce Beatles music to people who might not otherwise be familiar with it.

'The Beatles: Rock Band' has certainly caught the nation's imagination and is likely to be the most successful title in the 'Rock Band' stable, retailer GAME's spokesman Neil Ashurst said. The game will have a cross-generation appeal -- seasoned Beatles fans can step into the shoes of their heroes and a new generation of younger fans will be introduced to one of the country's most iconic bands.