September 10, 2009

Falco, Nixon star in cancer PSAs

U.S. actresses and breast cancer survivors Edie Falco and Cynthia Nixon have agreed to appear in a new Stand Up to Cancer public service campaign.

This fall's print and broadcast ads are intended to educate cancer patients and their loved ones about the increased risk of infection during cancer treatment and the importance of learning how to manage one's risk.

Learning you have cancer comes as a complete shock and, at first, makes you feel powerless, Falco said in a statement. You really need to take control early. It is important to work with your team of physicians at the outset to understand how to minimize your risk of infection and stay strong throughout your treatment plan.

Being told that you have cancer is devastating, added Nixon. But you need to stay empowered. Through this Stand Up to Cancer campaign, we hope to encourage cancer patients and their loved ones to get all the facts, including how you can minimize the risk of infection during treatment.

Falco is best known for her roles on TV's Oz, The Sopranos and Nurse Jackie. Nixon was one of the co-stars of the TV comedy series Sex and the City, and will soon be seen in the show's second big-screen follow-up.