iPhone Gaming Revolution Begins: First 3GS Game Released With Stunning Graphics

September 11, 2009

PARIS, September 11 /PRNewswire/ — In June, Apple released the new
iPhone 3GS, which was said to support advanced graphics in games which would
bring it up to par with PSP and finally make it a real player in the mobile
games department. Until now, however, the only difference to previous iPhone
devices which players have experienced has been slight speed improvement in a
couple of games.

Now, this is changing. Eurocenter, an indy development studio which has
developed several highly awarded online games on iPhone and iPod touch, has
released Adrenaline Golf Online, with full support for the advanced iPhone
3GS graphic extensions. For the first time, players on the iDevices can see
OpenGL shader effects in real time on their device. Adrenaline Golf Online
showcases highly detailed golf courses and features beautiful water
reflection effects throughout the game. The environments include a relaxing
beach atmosphere, Amazon forests mirrored in green water, night scenes with a
reflected moon and a volcano theme including lava.

The developer has revealed some interesting information about the
difficulties of writing an engine that uses the full features of the iPhone
and iPod touch. Unlike games on PC or Mac, the iPhone OpenGL ES 2.0 requires
the developer to write a completely new engine to utilise the new features.
Everything that you know about OpenGL, including camera placement, streaming
object vectors and setting up light effects, needs to be rewritten to
incorporate the new OpenGL shader programs. On top of that, to not lose
compatibility with existing iPhone devices or iPod touch, applications need
to actually support two distinct 3D engines. When the game starts, it detects
which device it is running on, and chooses the appropriate engine.

Besides the stunning graphics, Eurocenter also used its experience in
online games to provide a unique gaming experience. In Adrenaline Golf
Online, players can compete worldwide against other players, collect stars
and send bonuses to other players much like in Mario Kart. Players can
compete in 72 completely different courses and play in a realistic 3D
environment which features a real-time physics engine to support moving
platforms, cannons and other obstacles.

AdrenalineGolf web site: http://www.ifonekit.com/adrenalinegolf

Video preview: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7sNJ1bf2y8Q

Presskit: http://www.ifonekit.com/adrenalinegolf/presskit.zip

Eurocenter was founded in 1989 to bring online gaming to a new level and
produce technically advanced and innovative games.

Contact: press@eurocenter.fr

Web: http://www.ifonekit.com

SOURCE Eurocenter

Source: newswire

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