September 11, 2009

NBC planning Whitney Houston special

The Return of Whitney Houston, a TV special produced by Access Hollywood's urban entertainment news program, TV One Access, is set to air this weekend.

The hour-long program, which is to premiere Sunday on cable's TV One, chronicles everything from Houston's childhood and her battle with addiction to her tumultuous relationship with former husband, music artist Bobby Brown, the special's producers said in a release.

Houston's comeback CD I Look to You is No. 1 on the U.S. album chart this week.

No other African-American singer has made an impact in both music and film like Whitney Houston, so we had been counting down the moments until the release of her much anticipated new album, Monique Chenault, senior producer of TV One Access, said in a statement. As we hoped and expected, Whitney is back on top and this very special show celebrates her resilient talent as well as her inspiring, personal story of triumph over tragedy.