Kids Crooked House Plays in the Dirt with DIY Network

September 14, 2009

WINDHAM, Maine, Sept. 14 /PRNewswire/ – Kids Crooked House is getting down and dirty with DIY Network’s King of Dirt, Gino Panaro. On Monday, Sept. 14 at 9:30 p.m. EDT/8:30 p.m. CDT, Kids Crooked House will add imagination and charm to the King of Dirt’s dramatic transformation of the featured family’s landscape.

Gino Panaro will do what he does best – transformational outdoor makeovers – but this episode will include Kids Crooked House to encourage imaginative outdoor play while creating a unique space specifically for children. During the episode, Kids Crooked House founders Glen Halliday and Jeff Leighton will provide one of their most popular wooden playhouses and a K9 Crooked House for the family’s dog.

“We are thrilled to bring Kids Crooked House to another family. It’s amazing to watch children react to seeing our playhouses,” said Glen Halliday who founded the company in 2006 with his cousin Jeff Leighton and now serves as the company’s creative director and CEO. “On top of it all, we got to work with a master landscape artist, Gino Panaro, and his fantastic crew at DIY Network.”

Kids Crooked House was inspired by, and is infused with, Maine and its natural wonders. Every Kids Crooked House is built with Maine lumber and by Maine craftsmen to withstand everything the Maine seasons can throw at it. Kids Crooked House is dedicated to creating Maine jobs and making Maine synonymous with its brand, while using nothing but all-natural products that jive with the state’s long-standing environmental consciousness.

About Kids Crooked House

Based in Windham, Maine, Kids Crooked House was founded by fun-loving dads Glen Halliday and Jeff Leighton, who couldn’t find a unique, affordable and imaginative playhouse for their young kids. They looked in all the big home centers and scoured dozens of web sites. The products either looked like a tool shed for lawnmowers or like a small city with a price to match. For the graphic designer and carpenter/electrician, the answer was simple: Build one of their own. The entire neighborhood was soon hanging out in Glen’s back yard. So FUNky was his kid’s new crooked house, the rest is (becoming) history. For more information about Kids Crooked House, visit www.kidscrookedhouse.com.

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