September 15, 2009

Bob Dylan art show planned in Denmark

U.S. music icon Bob Dylan is to premiere some of his new paintings at an exhibition at the National Gallery of Denmark next year, Legacy Recordings said.

The museum's director, Karsten Ohrt, said the fall 2010 show will feature nearly 100 works, including the world premiere of 30 large-format acrylic paintings from the artist's forthcoming Brazil Series, as well as many original paintings from the internationally acclaimed The Drawn Blank Series.

Bob Dylan's artworks are informed by the same constant compulsion to renew that characterizes his music, Ohrt said in a statement. He doesn't seem satisfied with settling on one form of expression once he has perfected it, but is constantly experimenting and trying out new artistic techniques and styles.

Bob Dylan's visual artistic practice has only been discussed by art historians to a limited extent, so critical examination and interpretation are called for. Several of Dylan's images reveal an affinity for some of the modernist masters, not least Henri Matisse's works from the 1920s -- a link that is particularly interesting, given the unique collection of Matisse's earlier works that belong to the National Gallery of Denmark, added

Kasper Monrad, the museum's chief curator, who is organizing the Dylan exhibition. The choice of motifs, the unusual expressivity and the existential tenor in Bob Dylan's works are testament to an imagery that is unmistakably his own.